NCF - New CO2 Fules
  • Producing Fuels from CO2
    Using Solar Energy

  • High Solar-to-Fuel
    Conversion Efficiency

  • Renewable Solutions
    for Alternative Fuels

Alternative Solution
to CO2 Emissions

NewCO2Fuels is developing an innovative and breakthrough technology providing a revolutionary, cost-effective solution to two global concerns: CO2 emissions and diminishing liquid fuel reserves. Our product uses a proprietary technology that generates liquid fuels by using CO2 emissions and water as feedstock, and high-temperature heat sources such as concentrated solar energy.

Synthetic Fuel

NewCO2Fuels innovative technology converts CO2 and H2O into syngas and from it synthetic fuels for transportation. The end products are competitive with current market prices thanks to the very high efficiency rate of the NCF system.

Easy Integration
with Existing Facilities

NewCO2Fuels provides a modular solution that can be easily integrated in various CO2-emitting industries. NewCO2Fuels' system uses the CO2 emitted by the facilities as feedstock and converts it into a useful product that can enhance the facility's production capacity, lower its operating costs, and produce new products.

NCF - New CO2 Fules

32,000 tons of CO2 is added to the atmosphere every 60 seconds*
* UN Statistics Division Data